Saturday at Hidden Earth


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Thank you to everyone who came to see us on the ukcaving stand at Hidden Earth today!!

Lots of entries into our FREE prize draw and interest in the fab prizes.

Even sold some mugs - yey  :coffee:

If you've not yet been to see us, please do call by tomorrow  ;)

Though I'm hoping to actually get off the stand to look round the photo salon, watch more of the SRT shenanigans and Speleoolympics - though will be avoiding the Sheptom Mallet squeeze machine - it looks wicked!


Pete K

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Very nice to see you guys yesterday, keep up the good work with the forum. Totally forgot to come back and buy a mug so will see you again.

Duncan S

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Lovely to meet the team behind UKC; what an amazing weekend at Hidden Earth!
Can't wait for next year :)


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Didn't happen to get a picture of a certain reprobate getting naked to go through the Shepton Mallet squeeze box did you?

I noticed lots of flashes but didn't see who was taking the pictures!


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Great to meet the UKC team and what a fantastic stand. Let's hope the forum continues to be a positive and informative place for cavers to visit.

Thanks for my cool UKC mug, I dropped it within minutes as I forgot I was holding it, but it bounced and lives on :)

Keep up the fantastic work.