Second Hand Book review, Beneath the Mountains


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This week I just finished reading Beneath the Mountains, D. Rose and R. Gregson. I picked up a copy from a second hand bookstore in Buxton with 5 floors (towards town from Caving Supplies). They had two second hand copies of Beneath the Mountains when I picked up mine, I don?t know who runs that shop, but I have to say their doing a great job!
Sadly the books owner never wrote their name in it or some unsuspecting shop owner rubbed it out. With second hand caving books I always would like to think that someone would keep their name in it so you can have some knowledge of how the book inspired them.
Nonetheless, I was enthralled by the book, and spent the best part of the 27th of December reading it, getting approximately halfway in one sitting. I honestly did feel like I was on the Journey with David and Richard, with ups and downs, all along the way. I am in some ways glad I delayed reading the book until after I had been to the Eastern Pico?s myself, as then I could form my own memories and get carried along through the book thinking back to the sights, sounds and skyward mountains.
It is however pitched as a readable book for both cavers and non-cavers. The rich depth that the book goes into about the Exploration of both Xitu and FU56 Brings the armchair Caver right into the action. Which is in contrast to the frenzied dismantling of an SRT Kit, a poetic ending to the book, leaving the reader wanting more, but unable to taste it due to a return to the UK.
Thank you David and Richard for a really affable accessible book.


Totally agree - a fascinating read ! I was reading this book when we went to the Picos back in the early '90s and we ended up camping at Lagos for a while. Amazingly this coincided with OUCC's expedition, and they made us very welcome, and even gave me an up-to-date survey to go with the book.