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So what's your favourite master cave?

Cumbrian Neil

New member
I'm interested to know what everyone's favourite master cave is in Yorkshire.  I'd have to say the one at the bottom of Meregill.


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mine would be entering easegill main drain at eureka junction, for the first time as a 18 year old in the early 70s , and i agree OFD the marble showers  passage


I have a soft spot for KMC. I first saw it in full flood with the spray hitting us as we perched up in the roof tunnel.

As everyone else seems to be extending to Wales I'd go for DYO if that can count.


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For the Dales, Lancaster Hole, Oxbow Corner to the downstream sump.

Expanding to Wales,  OFD - anywhere from perhaps Top Waterfall to the Confluence!


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The one that I have not found yet. But one of the most memorable in Yorkshire would either be KMC or strangely not sure if its classed as a master cave Red Moss Pot, only because I was not expecting something that long and big in there.