Speleo Camp Laze, Slovenia

Joe Duxbury

The Gloucester Speleo Soc had a trip to Slovenia in August 2019, and we stayed at the Speleo Camp Laze. There was another group of cavers staying in the bunkhouse there. If any of you were in that group, would you please contact me? I'd appreciate your comments on the place.


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I went there in 2009, afraid it was 10 years prior! But can rate the bunkhouse, just don’t drop your phone down the toilet! But I think that’s a general rule for life…


From memory - I think we went before 2009 - there was a main bunkroom sleeping about 12, a smaller room with a set of bunks and a double bed, then a kitchen, dining room, large toilet/shower block, although not many toilets I think :unsure:. Plus I seem to remember a separate sort of separate flat that consisted of a bedroom sleeping 2?, a bathroom, a kitchen/seating area plus a double bed space just off the kitchen area (a bit odd). It was pretty good but for a large group, there weren't enough loos. Having said all that, it's probably changed completely since. :LOL: