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Thanks and helmet left at hut


Well-known member
Thanks all for having us, I know we were a little quite but its always hard socialising with people you don't know. Special thanks to Sue for sorting out the Drenen access at such short notice!

Anyway despite checking before I left, I still managed to leave my lid and light attached at the hut on the re-charging shelf in the little bunk room above the common room (right-hand house). Its orange, with a blue foam interior and a bit worse for wear now. However I cannot go caving without it of course and I definitely want (though currently got a dodgy connection, rude nora lamp back).

When would be the best time for me to arrange a courier to pick it up, I of course will pay the fee. Failing that is anyone from my neck of the woods travelling to and from (Dales) SWCC in the next couple of weeks. This weekend is obviously a right off, as far as caving goes and next weekend I have something else booked but would love to have it back by the 20th it at all possible.

Thanks again,



I can collect it from Penwyllt this weekend and get it to the Dales for the weekend of 12th/13th June.


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Addition: Just been told by my mate had left his there too and his charger, its right next to mine on the shelf! I wouldent mind, we barely drunk anything the previous night! - Its a white helmet with a viper lamp and charger with the name of "Sharman".