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Photos are saved to paid for Flickr where I can screen shot them to a collage. I also get the chance to compare images side by side and eliminate any I dont like. They are also saved in files to a seperate hard drive as well as hard back books by Photobox. You might say that I have things covered. Its a record of work but also fun as I like to do unposed stuff. All done on the TG 6 now with hand held torches. The large ones and magnetic minis. Better images are saved at around 5mp . I dont see the need for RAW. You drift off into the rather sublime that way. Losing touch with the reality of caving. A recent AI generated image on line looked fabulous but I rather doubt the cave looked anything like it. Sadly its the way photography is going with filters and AI programmes. Clever really when you look at the colouring of old films etc. I did 1,000 monochome local history images from my archive over Covid. All looked fabulous but the buses came out red rather than green. You wont fool the purist. Anyway here is the minerals selection from yesterday via Flickr. All photos hosted here via Photobucket as attachments and links dont work out well for me. Yes thats paid for too but in life you get what you pay for your way. I totally splodged the Mendip Cave Registry with 1,500 images of Reservoir Hole. Far too many for them to host on line sadly. Their problem not mine.
Nowadays it seems that I am producing images for funerals and wakes. Just done 60 of Tony Boycott full plate prints. I never knew that I had so many.( Better keep taking the Selfies ). I have 26,000 images on Photobucket now all hosted for somewhere. Probably 20,000 caving now all online. A figure hard to beat anywhere in the world not that anyone might want to. Just heard that I might be back caving on Friday. Sadly today I am knackered.


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I suppose I should say thanks to the kind mods and owners of this forum. My very own thread where I can photo splodge and burble to my hearts content. On the plus side its a record for us of some of the activity at the site these past three years. Well Tony from Suffolk appreciates it.

The Friday Nighters ( rather more Eveningers ) at The Hole In The Wall last evening. Lots achieved and herewith a mini photo splodge.

Sadly my sandwiches were overwhelmed with stale non alcoholic lager when the can popped in my box.

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Hi. From The Hole In The Wall Gang.

In the depths where shadows blend, I ventured with my trusted friends, With Uncle Brian, wise and bold, And by our side, dear Mr. Goldie.
The earth was cool, the air was thin, As we began our quest within. Our lanterns cast a feeble light, In the embrace of endless night.
Uncle Brian's laugh, a hearty sound, Echoed in the tunnels 'round. With steady hands and spirits high, We chipped at stone, the hours fly.
Mr. Goldie, with a twinkle in his eye, Recalled old tales of years gone by. Of treasures lost and fortunes won, Of battles fought and deeds well done.
We dug through veins of rock and clay, Hoping for a golden ray. Each swing, a symphony of might, In our shared pursuit of light.
The mine's embrace, both rough and kind, Held secrets that we sought to find. With every strike, with every breath, We faced the unknown, mocking death.
In moments when our strength would wane, Uncle Brian would joke again, Mr. Goldie would share his lore, Fueling us to dig some more.
Hours passed like fleeting dreams, Through sweat and toil, our unity gleamed. In that mine so deep and old, We sought more than mere gold.
We found in each a strength profound, In laughter's echo, a joy unbound. In tales of old and present cheer, A bond that only grew more dear.
So in that mine, with rock and dirt, We unearthed more than gold or hurt. With Uncle Brian and Mr. Goldie there, We found a treasure beyond compare.

AI . What AI ?

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Next weeks planning photo. The lode marked with the vertical line. X to X the ongoing hypogenic develepment probed five metre plus. Hopefully to open it up and get the video camera along it.


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The " Glanvill " spoil removal cart specifically designed for work at the underhand stope in the level. Original idea by APG Initiatives and built by Chiptruss Caving Solutions. Will it fit through the hole in the cap though ? We shall see. Yes well I was going to chuck it out anyway. Note the technical reinforcing.

Hmm. Thought that might be some sort of combined wheeled transport cum commode for superannuated subterranean excavators.

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A doubting Mike Wise with the cart arrives on site.

The cart at the stope looking back to the way in. Yes it fitted well everywhere.

In the stope dig with dodgy rock.

Looking over the stope dig to the cart run onward to the bridge. Cleared last night.

A geode found in the rubble last night.

More good work was also done at The Hole In The Wall.

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I am burning out. Five trips in eight days. The only person in two digging teams. The Tuesday Diggers and The Friday Nighters. The Friday Nighters went Sunday as well as Friday. 23 loads removed from The Hole In The Wall and clearing at the stope dig with cart run test. I shall have to go again tomorrow.

Dig face from yesterday. Natural roof void high up. Ongoing tunnel low down. Lode as before . Line shows crack in the tunnel roof.