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The Quest for England's Northernmost Cave


England's northernmost inland caves are the very unusual sandstone phreatic tube at Roughting Linn and the wide rock shelter, steeped in history and folklore, known as St Cuthbert's Cave.
However, on the coast between Berwick and the Scottish border there are numerous sea caves, some exceeding 40m in length. A few days ago I set out to find the farthest north cave in England.

Marshall Meadows Bay is just a few hundred metres from the Scottish border and can be reached from the Berwickshire Coastal Path via a fantastic 75m man-made tunnel that was built in the 1830s to transport seaweed from the coast for use as agricultural fertiliser. Fixed ropes and ladders can then be followed onto the rocky shoreline and the view north is spectacular, with towering, densely vegetated cliffs.

I found a 7.5m flat-out crawl up a 3m climb in the cliffs of Marshall Meadows Bay. Stalactites had formed in the back of this short cave, where there was enough room to turn around.

Continuing northward I found, just around the corner of Marshall Meadows Point, a crack in the rock face where the wall to the left appeared to have tilted to one side. This opening created a 5m cave that is, as far as I can tell, England's northernmost cave. I searched what little of England remained to the north, hoping to find something more impressive to wear this crown, but unfortunately a 5m crack it is.


  • Inside the tunnel.JPG
    Inside the tunnel.JPG
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  • 7.5m flat-out crawl.JPG
    7.5m flat-out crawl.JPG
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  • 5m crack.jpg
    5m crack.jpg
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Well-known member
Of course that does depend on the Scots not claiming back Berwick-upon-Tweed when they go for independence  ;)


Joe Duxbury

An excellent piece of investigation.
So, what contenders are there for the most southerly cave in England?
Or the most northerly cave in Britain?


Joe Duxbury said:
So, what contenders are there for the most southerly cave in England?
I think I remember something down by the old lifeboat station on Lizard Point. Can't get more southerly than that. There are certainly good ones at Kynance Cove and Church Cove on the peninsula. Probably plenty more in that area.