This cave NOT is on access land.

Every time i see this on the CNCC website, I wonder if it is meant to be "this cave IS NOT on access land"?

I know it's a silly grammar thing, but it irks me.



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That is now fixed too :)

The statement about whether the cave is on access land is a global parameter, which is displayed for all caves flagged in our database as not being on access land. That required our webmaster to fix. The specific statement about access to Roudsea Wood Caves is a unique statement for that particular cave, so is fixed in a totally different way via the CNCC's admin area, which all Officers can edit.

We are conscious that our website contains a huge amount of information these days, much of it bespoke to particular caves. Keeping this content up to date is a massive job for our teams, and sometimes is done with limited time, so mistakes do slip in unfortunately.

Please do continue to report these mistakes - we are keen to ensure everything is correct - You can PM us on here.

Coincidentally, our Webmaster has recently raised the desire to recruit an additional CNCC volunteer (or volunteers) to perform the role of Data Wrangler. The role would be to work systematically through our website to check for typos such as those above, out of date information, conflicting or contradictory information, broken links etc. If anyone is keen to work with us in such a role then please get in touch.