TopoDroid text scaling issues


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I'm just getting to grips with TopoDroid (currently using version 6.2.44-34)
When I create passage names, the text stays the same size when I zoom in and out.
How can I change this so the text stays the same size relative to my sketch? (i.e. it changes size when I zoom)


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I'm not sure there is an option for that. You can change the font size of the label under 'Sketch Settings' -> 'Point' -> 'Labels size' but I think that's a display font size (i.e. it is related to your screen size rather than your sketch zoom).

Probably an important question is why: either because they are taking over the survey when you zoom out (which I imagine could be very annoying) or because you want to change the 'output' size of the label (which isn't related to how it appears on screen and depends on your workflow e.g. Therion, SVG or whatever.


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I use TopodroidX but as Andy says you can't really get that funny scaling to change on the topodroid zoom

You can however change the Font size (my default was 45 and that is much to large, I find 20 is the sweet spot for me)
It's also worth checking sketch settings/sketch point settings check to see if you've got 'Point icons are not zoomed' checked or not.

You still get a bit of adjustment to screen size but you might find it makes it useable!