Tripod delivered!

Roger W

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To be honest, when I saw the pictures I thought you had got yourselves a trebuchet for disposing of your digging spoil at a distance.  :)


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mrodoc said:
Speaking as a biped it saves my back for strain.

A bipod will also save your back. It doesn't need to be anything fancier than a couple of scaff poles and a swivel clamp. A trailer winch can be fitted directly to one leg which makes life easier and safer than hauling on a rope. Push down on the tether to lift the kibble away from the hole with a 2:1 mechanical advantage. Just set up a slack back rope so that it doesn't all land on you  head  ;)

I've even used this setup with one arm in a cast.


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We are so grateful Wardy for that quadropod. We wouldn't have been able to get shuttering in position yesterday without it! :beer: