Trying Out The New Mini Torch For Photography

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This for lighting with the TG 6 and the only light source used. £31 for two from Amazon. Only 2 inches long and recharchable with USB magnetic end cap.. Well very surpised with the results done in a rush on digging day.


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Alonefire X23 Small LED Torch Flashlight Type C USB Rechargeable Bright Mini Torch 5 Modes Pocket Pen Torch Waterproof Long Battery Life with Tail Magnet, Clip, Battery for Outdoor, EDC Carry, Hiking .​

About this item​

  • 【Powerful Light Source】Easy to carry, small body but high brightness to meet needs, high, medium, low, bright and strobe five lighting modes, you can choose the corresponding lighting mode according to your usage environment
  • 【High-capacity Battery 】Highly efficient LEDs and high-capacity battery give it a long battery life, up to 3~4 hours of illumination
  • 【USB Rechargeable】The pen torch support type c USB rechargeable, USB C charging port with reversible, can be inserted into the power supply without regard to the front and back of the plug, which makes charging more convenient and fast
  • 【All-weather use】The housing of the mini torch is made of aviation-grade aluminum alloy and has a waterproof rating of IPX5, which can be used in rainy weather, but cannot be immersed in water
  • 【Metal Holding Clip】Pocket clip can be used to hang a flashlight on a hat, clothing, or general EDC carrying tool
  • 【Strong Tail Magnet】You can hold the pocket torch in place of metal, and the powerful magnet combined with its small and lightweight body can make it difficult to fall off. That way you can free your hands for other things

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I have three now. They can be used as a cluster as they are magnetic then used individually as seperate light sources.

The example here using the TG 6 on I Auto with no flash came at f2 , 1/13 sec , 800 ISO. The camera programme on Auto will maximise aperture and advance the shutter time then ramp up the ISO. Its all a bit of serendipity but thats part of the fun. Some minor editing is good. I basically use cropping, and adjustment to light levels. Sometimes the haze programme. To much editing leads to the garish un natural effects you see so much of today. I dont use RAW as I prefer to do the basic editing and have images that can be shared immediately. I would rather do selective shooting. Take ten and one should be OK.

Further experiments to follow.

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Moving on before Mr O' Doc starts ranting on about RAW.

Using the plate and selfie stick means that you can experiment with lighting angles.

My reply to him on Facebook ---

"RAW is for people who dont know how to take photographs ! " Too much over edited garish and unnatural stuff about anyway. The whole point for me is the image not the technical excellance and something that I can quickly share. For me its a bit of fun. I dont want to sit here for hours faffing about on Photoshop.

I dont let others tell me what to do. It has to be fun. Catching people unawares and doing things. Keeping the res low enough to share quickly. Not asking people to hang around and grin inanely with the dreaded posed backlit formulaic stuff. Of course horses for courses as thay say but find your own niche and just enjoy it. ( Rant over ).


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Hi, TOR, were these shots hand-held? I think you've done well to get sharp pictures at 1/13th second if so (especially when leaning out over a hole).


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Image stabilization seems to have improved even on small cameras like the TG although of course it is easier to hold one of those steady. I took this shot with my digital SLR and again hand held at 1/8 second.


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Certainly things are changing. I rather doubt I will use a flashgun again. We will see more mobile phone images now as the hardware gets more intuitive and AI moving ever onwards. No doubt folk will be aware of the fake porn shots about now featuring famous people who were not even there. There is hardly anything that cant be achieved whilst editing. Photography still remains a thing of two parts. Composition and light with billions of images now online the choice is in doing something differant.

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An ad from Facebook but I have not tried it. Still on the 2018 Photoshop. A review on these programmes would be helpful. Never overcook the images though.

"Have you ever used AI to touch up your images?
If not, you are in for a real surprise.
Topaz Labs Photo AI is the combined power of our 3 most powerful AI optimization tools - DeNoise AI, Sharpen AI, and Gigapixel AI.
Get significantly-improved image quality within seconds."

Caving today.


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I don't have these, but I do have ON1's Perfect Resize, which does a good job of enlarging small or crappy images to 'better' levels,. though it would not improve a truly awful image. Adobe Photoshop (current version) is pushing their 'neural filters', a couple of which do a decent job of enlarging and improving images, especially removing JPEG artefacts. Some reviews of the Topaz products have said that they work well on some images, but not all, and most agree that it's an expensive experiment.

Of course, starting off with the best quality will reduce the need to piss about afterwards! I use the phone for snaps or exploration, but still use the SLR and flash for quality shots, especially if they might be published.

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All a muddle as three threads running. Mr O'Doc has bought a mini torch so it must be a good idea.

Two mini torch cluster shots from the other thread Tech details there.