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Video. TG 6 and Video Lights as Fill In

The Old Ruminator

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I potter about with the TG 6 sometimes head mounted. The caving light gives a burn out spot on video so I have now got the TG 6 mounted on a bracket with a tiny video light. Those little square ones you get on Amazon for £20. I shall try the video light as fill in for normal photography with the LED torch as a main light source. In my test video the little light looked fine up to a few metres from the subject and worked OK as a back light. My flash guns are pretty much redundant now. In any case looking at mobile phone results things seem to be moving away from flash as a light source.
Here is the camera and light on a bar mounted on a swivel mount. That set up could be used on a pole for remote viewing high level formations or through small holes. I shall test the wobble when I try it on a helmet. The camera on its own was not a problem as long as you allow it time to focus and it still picks up the commentary. The light is well er quite light.

I tried the video light as a back fill in in the spare bedroom. Its hidden behind the photo frame. That was the only light source. Normally the LED torch would do the front light.

Understanding the balance in lighting between the two can be trial and error when taking the photo. A big dig planned for Tuesday. Might try it out then.

I dont want to get into video in a big way. Mainly its a lark about on here and information for our group. I would be interested to know ,though, how a TG 6 compares with a Go Pro. In ease of use and results. Utlimately neither would match a planned set up done on a 35mm camera I suppose.

Ooops double shot the Photobucket and still the forum does not show the link as script so I cant remove it. Not helpful at all when editing unless there is another way of deleting it. NB mods. Very annoying.

Proper pic here.