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ukCaving Wiki/Culture/Publications/Books advice sought


New member
Good evening. All though I can see some work has been done in starting a caving book database, I would like to help to extend and expand it, caving books (mainly Derbyshire and Yorkshire) are a particular obsession of mine, when I'm not caving. If anyone has any thoughts or advice let me know,  both as regards actually uploading  information, but also is there any set format i.e any sort of library standard for the way that publication / impression / edition / ISBN etc. should be recorded?

Something to think about for now, any comments appreciated.


Graham Hillary


New member
There is a vague format slowly being developed, but one can't be too hard and fast with the rules. After all, although the history of editions can be fascinating (see A Tour to the Caves), one does not want an entry for each edition. In the case of Yorkshire Caves and Potholes, there were a couple of "reprints" of the North Ribblesdale volume where the content actually changed.

I have tended to write a history of the editions, where pertinent, but only listed the latest ISBN (if available). But again there are exceptions. Northern Caves has undergone significant changes in its lifetime reflecting the recent history of cave exploration in the Dales. There, all editions are listed and the ISBNs of those editions are listed.

You will have to make judgement calls. But hopefully, the standards and quality of the entries will evolve as more people contribute.

Possibly more importantly, I am not yet happy with the organisation of the front page of the Publications. When is a guidebook a guidebook as opposed to a book about the Yorkshire caves? Currently all guidebooks for the UK are listed together  - is this sensible? We don't currently have details of any foreign guidebooks (not counting Wales), but will they go in the same place?

Many of the entries are currently fairly brief, and need redeveloping.

Go for it Graham, and don't be afraid to change what's there.


New member
Hi Dave and Susie, thanks for the input, and sorry for not responding earlier, decorating got in the way. I am going to add some stuff, and see how it pans out, if I mess it up I will give you a shout.