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CNCC update 27th May 2010

I have updated our previous official statement of 13th May.  See the CNCC website here.  https://cncc.org.uk/covid-19/index.php

Essentially we have opened up the on-line booking system for Leck Fell (with the consent of the landowner).  Following our previous announcement on West Kingsdale it now appears that most of the caves of Gragareth could be visited by those who meet government requirements.  We urge any cavers who are active again to follow the general guidance of being cautious, caving well within their capabilities and being considerate of anyone they meet especially from within local communities.  It is clear that some same household groups have started caving again in a modest way and we?d like to keep people as safe as possible by facilitating more choice on where to go.    Over the next few weeks we?ll try to open up more of the booking system to help with this.  This should ensure those that are caving are less likely to meet other groups. 

This is also an opportune time for one of our anchor replacement teams (same household) to follow up on maintenance as safely as possible.  So please use the booking system to help them know they have the cave to themselves.

Our expectation is that in time the government will relax the rules on social distancing to small groups who can meet in the outdoors as has happened in Northern Ireland.  We?d like to be ahead of the curve on this by being proactive so that when more caving does occur cavers themselves will have already established protocols to keep themselves as safe as possible.

As mentioned in other threads the landowners at the Birkwith Caves and Long Churn/Alum are not ready to greet visitors yet.

Tim Allen
CNCC Access Officer


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Nice one!

I think for the time-being the booking system should be extended to West kings-dale to build on the above, if possible, for all the reasons above, even if no actual permit is actually required to help people with social distancing.

What's the situation with Castleton fell and the caves of Easegill?

P.s. Caves of Gragareth? Does this just mean Leck Fell? At first I thought it said Gargrave, I was not aware there was any caves near gargrave lol.


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Pretty sure Tim means west kingsdale, Marble steps area and Leck - they're all on the flanks of Gragareth.