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Wanted,Stenlight upgrade cable please.


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Hi,im after the upgraded cable for a Stenlight,the one with the green end with two pins on please,if anyone has a new one for sale,please let me know.I?ve tried Roy Fellows,but he doesn?t have any cables.thank you


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Whoa, is that real? Jeez, I'm ordering five! Actually I wonder what the postage will be. Hmmm :-\


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Paul is sending me an old cable. From photos he sent its just a round PCB with 2 brass progs to connect to the lamp. I am wondering if a round LED base PCB would work. The square brass prongs look same as Mini Deans connector.

I will keep this thread up to date with developments.

Presumably they just plug into the PCB. Silly as it sounds I have fitted new emitters to several, a right job with the PCB in situ, but cant remember how the cable mounts.


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That would be great if you could make some up Roy.I tried adding a photo,but I?m having no luck uploading it.Just two brass pins, and you just push it in from the back,it?s got a leg coming off the round board,where the wires solder on,two keep it as flat as possible for the back of the light to bolt back up tight.I will keep an eye on this thread,thank you Roy (y)


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The off-vertical angle of the PCB with the two pins is quite critical to fit into the milled recess in the lamp body, as I remember, but that surely must be the only critical issue. Oh, and Roy, it's Phil, not Paul,  :)


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Pwhole, did our resident youtuber get in touch with you about her sten? I told her you would be a good shout as you own one.


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I have Stenlight bodies, brand new, possibly everything need to make up new lamps  bar small matter of the cables and, Oh yes, the PCBs. Reading some material I have on these, it appears that Sten are reluctant to supply PCBs for some reason.

If i can do something about making up cables it would be a great and worthwhile benefit to the underground community.

Ian Adams

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I have a stenlight, always loved the light weight (I think it is a Sten 2 or something)

I was looking to buy the latest S7 premium (or the upgrade to convert the one I have)

I contacted Sten (the company) and they provided me with two companies in the USA who retail them and told me they could not supply me directly (fair enough). One of those two companies is the one named in this thread.

I sent emails to both (one before the other - not at the same time) asking to purchase either an upgrade or the whole thing. It was at the time that we had "just" left Europe (ie. the 12 month transition period had run out).

I recall that President Trump and Theresa May had earlier agreed a free trade agreement BUT I didn't know whether this was in effect or not. I wasn't too bothered and was prepared to pay the import duty in any event.

The upshot was that neither company answered any of my emails.

That was, to say the least, disappointing.

If someone does make a success purchase, please could you post that fact on this thread so I can try again  ;)



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There 'could' be a cheaper lightweight alternative on the market in the new year.

Anyway, I am well aware that there are many Styenlights in use and well loved by their owners.

I can supply 2 cell 3.5 AH batteries and modify the lamp cables to my XT60 fitting. My cells are cheaper and higher capacity than the genuine article and XT60 connectors beat a thousand times the model railway type connectors fitted..
I can also replace emitters to existing lamps and have most other spares.

I cannot repair lamps that have been damaged by water ingress as this wrecks the PCBs which i have already mentioned.
I have been wondering what (if any) LED upgrade options there are now for the rebel versions ?
And would Roy be willing / able to upgrade the LED's in older STENS in the UK ?


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The ones I have worked with are Rebel versions where the LED is mounted on a holder which made the job of replacement much easier. The PCBs use and adhesive pad and I do have a set of instructions for removal, but so far have worked inside the lamp.

I would not recommend anyone sending in a lamp that is working fine, wait until something goes then nothing to loose.

As a point of interest, the Stenlight is analogue controlled by means of reed switches and a little magnet. It uses a DC-DC converter which is very efficient. A lot about this on their website. Its honest technical fact not sales BS, so I bow to them.

Playing around with conventional buck drivers, there seems to be two basic issues.
1/ Falling output even at low levels with reducing battery voltage
2/ Poor efficiency at low output levels.

I am currently putting in a lot of lab time in Attempting, (note the "A" word") to produce a high output driver with analogue mode switching. I gave up at one point, but had some fresh ideas, so now back at it.
My Scorpion X12 is a popular and versatile lamp but the drivers I have been using are no longer available. So IF (the "I" word) I succeed, that will be the platform for the new driver.

I dont want to say too much in case the project goes bottom up. When I went for my black belt in Shotokan a few weeks ago I kept my trap shut in case I failed, when I passed, (a very good pass as well) I tell people.

Back to Stenlights, I know of a modified Stenlight which outputs 1000 lumens on turbo, I have to emphasise that this is nothing to do with me.
The Stens electronics have much of merit in their simplicity and efficiency.


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The x12 is my favourite torch I seen so far , the only one I have came across that has tempted me is chris?s lid , I haven?t seen a x16 yet ! I must say the x12 has been seriously abused on caving trips has had a lot of very hard bashes I can remember on one trip with Chris a very long straight tunnel in wales it hit the roof about 30 times in 20 minutes a few I nearly fell over from the impact, has been through a sump and also many ducks !

Personally opinion : I wouldn?t want to own a torch now with a different switch style , I like being able to go from my saved walk mode to camera mode?full power? iPhone out picture done all in 5 seconds no silly flashing lights or cycle settings .


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I have just received a Stenlight cable from Phil and can confirm that the pins are same width and size, just slightly shorter, than the solder pins of a Mini Deans, the width is standard 3mm same as matrix and strip boards. I will be looking at making cables using the high strength cable same as used in the Nora and Scurion lamps, so an improvement on the original. Also option of XT connector so as to mate with my 2 cell battery packs that are cheaper and better than the Sten.



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YESSSS!!! Fabulous news. Put me down for a handful of XT ones. My Stenlight will possibly out-live me now :)


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I have just ordered 12 metres of Igus Chainflex 5mm OD cable. I understand that this is as used in Scurion and other lamps and is very strong.
The internal copper wires are 0.5mm which as transmission cable according to my book of words supports up to 1.5 amps. This is sufficient for a Stenlight and is a big improvement on some of the cables I have seen in the past, one was actually co-ax!

I am currently undergoing a program of redevelopment on some of my lamp models and I will be using this cable with a new model of compact and lightweight lamp as well as developing a replacement Stenlight cable which I hope to offer for about a tenner. I will also be evaluating XT30 connectors as a replacement for my existing XT60s. Backwards compatibility will be available through cheap adaptors, - XT30 to XT60. The XT30 sits better with my aspirations. I have to point out that my more powerful lamps require a higher specification of cable. Also this cable is not a complete solution to the occasional issue of cable failure due to bad routing induced stress, it would merely last a bit longer.

There will be more about Stenlights on a new thread (High efficiency lighting) which I will be opening very shortly, so I recommend anyone following this be prepared for an interesting read.


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I always thought the weak point with the Stenlight was the connector to the battery so I got my brother in law to replace it with a much beefier connector and it was worked fine ever since. Must admit I loan it out and actually now use an Earthworm.