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Wanted (to borrow): Gazebo, mess tent or shelter

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This is a big favour to ask (again). Is anyone able to lend me a gazebo, mess tent, or similar shelter for a few weeks?

We are hoping to get on with the Lancaster Hole repairs soon and the job will be a lot easier if we have some shelter from bad weather, so I was hoping to be able to borrow something we can put up over the entrance, with space for at least a few people to work and shelter.

We will be mixing concrete at the entrance and there will be the usual cave grime, so there's a good chance it will get dirty, but we would do our best to keep it clean. If anyone has an already-grubby shelter of some kind (maybe something from the winch meet?) that would be perfect.

Any offer would be gratefully received. I can pay in beer, donation to charity, or something like that.

Thanks for reading.



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