whats to explore in burnley?


hey peeps can anyone tell me if there are any mines or caves i can go explore tomorrow while im in the area <3 x


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There's the Burnley coalfield, but I doubt if there's anything underground even if that was a good idea. Think you'd have to go up to t' Dales or down t' Peak.


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If you are still around and willing to drive 1hr 30mins a bunch of us are caving in New Goyden pot this Saturday- not far from Pateley Bridge


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There's nothing that I know of in the immediate area.

10 miles east at the wonderfully named Slack Bottom near Heptonstall is Tom Bell's cave (SD978291). This is a gritty gritstone slip rift containg a 20 ft pitch and a small stream, found by following the lane down the hill from the PO. In the valley directly below is a short mine level to a small chamber on a shale bed.

There small caves on the north side of Pendle and at Whitewell.

Take your boots. The Burnley area has great countryside around it. Pendle, Boulsworth and the Hebden valley are well worth a visit and if you're into climbing, Bridestones is one of the best bouldering venues in the country and Widdop has longer routes.