Wheat-lamp rejuvenation


Sorry - I'm not familiar with the Wheat Lamp but I have heard of it from US sources. If it uses a wet cell - lead acid or NiCad - and as long as there are no obvious leaks or has suffered from a spillage, then it probably just needs topping up with distilled water.

Water in the electrolyte is used during normal charging and will need replenishment from time to time. If electrolyte has been lost through spillage or leakage the a mixture of the correct electrolyte would have to be added.


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wheat lamp? what's that?

i have visions of a lamp which somehow runs off the energy produced by wheat - which would be cool, but I get a feeling I'm showing my ignorance!



It's the battery off an Oldham GW caplamp,G is the type of headpiece,W is the battery type.
It's old as in OLD,they were around in the early '60s,so I reckon it'll be knackered now.