where are they all


I have just seen a scout document that says there are 20 scout caving assessors and 207 scout caving permit holders, so where are you all??

West Sussex has 2 assessors plus 9 permit holders
Shropshire has one assessor (me). 16 Cave Permit holders (only about 6 ever turnout). We also have a batch of Mine Exploration permut holders limited to one site.

Are these figures from HQ? They have always denied knowledge of, particularly Assessors!

Idris Williams

Ian P

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Central Yorkshire Scouts.

Assessors: Two level 2 & one CIC

Permit holders (A mix of NGB and internal Scout assessed permits)  approx 9.



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How far back are you going? 40years ago I was main caving scout instructor/assessor for Derbyshire, approved many young chaps for their badge, although I never asked them to splice a wood & rope ladder! (a requirement in the book)--