Winner of the Mountain Equipment Karakorum Jacket


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Thank you to everyone who entered the Mountain Equipment Karakorum competition  (y)

I have really enjoyed reading all the tales and choosing a competition winner has been the hardest yet.

msd-2 - oh my, diving in those conditions - wow.  I wouldn't have liked to calculate the wind chill on that journey home either.

caving_fox - lying huddled under a landrover from a hail storm - the situations caving gets us into!

Paul - the situation caving got you into!!  :LOL:

Amy - caving is often about team work, and your team (eventually) worked well to get you warm, a great tale.

Mark W - I spent many an evening warming up in front of the fire in the Hill Inn, however fortunately not in a wet suit, another great tale

Nearlywhite - ah, the cheering pensioners - brilliant  :LOL:

dcrtuk - I'm not surprised that tale has gone down into club history - oops indeed!  Thanks for posting, especially including photos - we always love photos here on UKC.

Duncan S - Walking wearing an 'ice suit', blummin heck that sounded cold - brrrr

yrammy - no, masking tape will not fix a wetsuit!

fulk - a new method of locating cave entrances in the snow - falling into them  ;)

Chunky - ok, I'll admit it, I've been in a number of show caves in full caving kit and secretly rather like the tourists' looks - however I never think of witty one liners like you  :)

Reforma - I PROMISE you it's lovely in Kingsdale at times, please come back!!

Steviet-scg - shivering so hard you can't hold a brew - now that is cold - brrrr

Iris in the Drak - loved your phrase 'cave breathed warm air', a different and enjoyable write up, thank you.

PeteHall - you are certainly not disqualified for mine rather than cave tales. Ha, what must the Police have thought?!

Roger W - the idea of carbide, scurion and royfellows genie lamps was genius, loved it  ;)

....and so who wins??  So many entertaining tales which I've read as they were posted as well as again today.  Many of the above could have won, many are deserving - however there's one tale that made me laugh out loud when I read it and which has made me smile many times as it's come to mind over the past weeks:

Kevin R's tale of Justine Emery putting her towel over her face so no one would recognise her.

So congratulations, Kevin - one shiny new Mountain Equipment Karakorum Jacket is yours!!

Thank you again to all who took part, and to all who read these competition threads - the more 'views' we get, the happier the prize givers are and this can only help secure more great kit for cavers to win in future.

If you haven't read the tales, here they are:


Caver Keith

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Congratulations to Kevin R on being a worthy winner of the competition. If you would like a short video making of incident (and to celebrate your win) then the Dudley team would be happy to assist.  :)


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Hi KevinR,

Will you be at Hidden Earth?  If so you could pick it up there, cheers, Pegasus


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Congratulations once again, Kevin - looks like the jacket was a perfect fit.

Good to meet you and hope you now stay warm & dry this Winter!

All the best, Pegasus