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Yordas top entrance log

Just wondering who owns the gyll and land around yordas.
After a trip there on Monday we noticed the tree/log that spans the top entrance to be very rotten and loose.
I personally think it needs to be removed. There are bolts for rigging but if some one was to rig from the log it I recon it would snap.

I am happy to remove and chop the log  if I can get permission .

Also it will stop another log dropping into the stream way as there are many down there already!!



Well-known member
Thanks - I've passed the info to Andrew Hinde of Natural England who coordinates work around Yordas and has a good relationship with the farmer.


New member
You make a good point. Whilst most people would rig from the hangers, it is tempting to rig off the log as you don't then need to lower yourself down before you are lower than the hangers. I know people did use the log in the past, but I think its about time it was removed.


Over the Hill

New member
Was there in the last couple of weeks and it would be a strange person that thought the log had any strength left in it for descending off.

That said it could be knocked and drop on someone below, so best its moved to decompose naturally to not upset the karst bottomists.  :coffee:


New member
UHP- please PM me. I cannot hear the phone message on my answer phone.
I think we will need CNCC trained winch operators on this job. The Landowners are happy for us to sort out the rotten log but they expect volunteers to be insured by BCA and trained in what they are doing. Hopefully you will be avilable.