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Yorkshire Trips with easyish SRT


Does anyone have any suggestions for fairly straightforward SRT trips in Yorkshire? Am based in Derbyshire and have done stuff like Water Icicle, Hillocks, Rowter Hole and Knotlow. Want to get slicker at stuff like rigging traverses, rebelays and deviations but don't have enough rope for stuff like Oxlow, J.H. etc. Have access to a 60m rope and a few 30s. Don't have a Yorkshire guidebook at the moment but will get one soon.

Obviously, when I get the book I can have a look myself but if anyone can point me in the right direction I'd be very grateful. A friend suggested Bull Pot but it sounded a bit involved, leaping for deviations and that.



New member
The first three pitches of Bull Pot are easy and straightforward, the fourth does require a small swing for the first deviation - if its dry then just that first one is fine but the second does require more of a swing!

How about Long Churn - Dollytubs/Slab/Bridge is straightforward enough and then you have a choice (with rebelays/deviations) for the final drop in the main shaft..

Or Jingling Pot - rebelay from tree and then a straight ~40m drop or small swing to the side to gain some easy rigging down the Lateral Cleft (I did that as one of my early srt rigging trips)

Theres always Sell Gill - dry route is fairly straightforward and quite quick to do so you could always do the wet route on the same day - that does require a bit of a swing into the bedding crawl and it has a few rebelays.

You might have enough rope for the above (depends exactly what you have). If you want exact figures for ropes just shout.


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Calf holes - Browgill. Straight forward single descent. Very easy (almost unnecessary P hangered traverse - by that I mean JB could tie end rope to start and just walk on knotted rope to pitch head) which would be good practice as it's in daylight!, on a HUGE ledge!, and if you fluff it is easily dispensed with. The through trip is excellent fun/value with a couple of small climbs or the waterfall pitch if desired. Make a note of the slot for the return from Browgill!! Not something to extend your rigging but a nice trip. Tatham Wife was my first SRT Dales trip.

Cumbrian Neil

New member
There's always Heron Pot at the top end of the Kingsdale valley.... you can exit out of the bottom or go back out using SRT. Only two pitches to tackle.


tubby two

yeah, go with jingling, bull pot or sell gill- all brilliant trips and not too difficult at all. I'll agree to ireby being excellent too. Get yourself the CNCC rigging guides and some rope though, if youre short for oxlow you'll be short for most of the yorkshire classics.
if your ok with pull throughs then heron and yordas (sporting when wet) shouldnt be missed- neither should the classic simpsons and swinsto. in fact, yorkshires full of great srt trips that aren't too demanding and i'm getting all nostalgic now cos i havent been caving for weeks and weeks!

Just also realised you posted this weeks ago too, so have you got any done yet?