Author Topic: 21st May - A celebration of 50 years of the Giants - Oxlow connection  (Read 7658 times)

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Jane, thanks for the offer. I'll bare UKC in mind if we do future fundraising.  :thumbsup:

Just a small note, my "anyone else" call was to gauge numbers of people coming, not searching for further sponsorship. Phil's book is a great addition and i'm sure will drive a few more raffle sales this evening...
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Just a small note, my "anyone else" call was to gauge numbers of people coming, not searching for further sponsorship.

Phew, didn't want you to think we'd ignored you  :)

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Given the subject of this thread, I'll give you one guess! :tease:

Pete K has given you an answer, different charges for different holes, no need for the emoticon --- :)

Apologies Bograt, I'm pleading your usual excuse of posting after consumption of alcohol! :beer2:

Just got home from a fairly quick run through from Maskhill to Oxlow,  many thanks to the riggers (TSG & EPC, I presume?). Got out of Oxlow to a fine Peak District day, my kit was almost washed off by the time I got back to my car....
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Excellent Giants / Oxlow 50th Anniversary event today. Good caving, excellent presentations, yummy cake, lots of friends and a raffle. If you didn't go you missed a treat!

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Thanks all, enjoyed the presentations.....cake is always good! ;)

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It was indeed an excellent event, well done to the organisers.
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Thanks to everyone who came today!
Over 50 cavers attended the talks. A total of £243 was raised for Derbyshire cave rescue!

Thanks for the raffle prizes Hitch n Hike, Adventure Quip, Varta (via DCRO), Mark W, Phil W and Ann S
Thanks for the cakes Clare Harley, John Gunn and me ;-)
And thanks to everyone who helped rig, set-up, tidy up and all those who attended.

It is lovely to see such a busy, healthy caving scene in the Peak.

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Ops, also thanks to High Peak Geotechnical for a raffle prize
(that is why you shouldn't do these posts after getting in from the pub.......)

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A Lovely weekend, thanks to all that have rigged and offered to derig (via possibly pleasant or "traditional" routes, I hope those who are going out on Tuesday manage their plans of the 'Harder' derigging option :)

but all the same, a good celebration of the connection, and Clive was able to relive the connection.

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Couldn't make the talks, but had a fun trip Oxlow-Maskill (and Pilgrims-Northpitch (we looked at the start of the connection, but though it better for 'another day')) on Sunday with the RDCC. Thanks for rigging this, made it a great deal quicker and easier!
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