Author Topic: Return To Reservoir Hole Part Two  (Read 312 times)

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Return To Reservoir Hole Part Two
« on: December 05, 2018, 10:02:10 am »
Thought it best to start a second part as the original was getting unwieldy and I can splodge on loads more photographs.

As part of Winter maintenance we had a tidy up at Chain Chamber. Willie's redundant hosepipe sprinkler system was removed and the long length of hosepipe moved to Jill's Dig. The catchment tub was left in situ at Pulsation Aven and can be used for additional washing on the way out. In digging in the floor of Chain Chamber I discovered the secret of Willies Washtub. He had built a cement dam and basin for water catchment then buried it in boulders. We have utilized the basin to extend the piped water right to the end of Jill's Dig. It means we can wash off at the dig and keep the area reasonably clean. We have also fitted the conveyor belting all along the 15m dig to ease transportation of the dig tray which kept getting stuck. The convey belt is thin lightweight belt used in the food industry and replaced regularly. It appears to be quite expensive so thank you Oscar Meyer of Chard for that. ( It gets dumped anyway I think ). Water from the pipe gurgled away merrily at the end of the dig and the draught was quite fresh. So we are set up for digging having had to postpone work at Vurley as it still has %3 CO2 half way down the cave.

Willie's cement pool revealed.

Looking for the stream in Chain Chamber.

Conveyor belt and hose ready to go into the dig.

Cleaning up the dig area.

Getting the belt in.

This conveyor belt is perfect stuff for these sort of digs.

Some photos of the black manganese stal in Jill's Slither. Actually awkward stuff to photograph as too much light makes them look grey. Too little and you cant see them.

The variation with lighting.

Generally the black staining is very thin.

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Re: Return To Reservoir Hole Part Two
« Reply #1 on: December 05, 2018, 05:26:46 pm »
Wow, that black stal is quite spooky!  I've not seen such consistent and heavy manganese deposits before.

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Re: Return To Reservoir Hole Part Two
« Reply #2 on: December 05, 2018, 07:39:07 pm »
Wish I had thought of doing this earlier on (about 10 years ago when I first dug here). It was one of those Eureka moments. Willie Stanton makes no real reference to this lower set up but there is much about the hose pipe (we removed) from the auto flush in Pulsation Aven about 30 m up the passage. That delivered a pulsed flush through a garden sprinkler. We now have a continous flowing set up although it is very much weather dependent. the exciting thing is that we are only using a fraction of the stream so with a bigger pipe we might actually start to flush mud out of the dig.  By the way it's Oscar Mayer (not Meyer) and they (ie the guy in engineering) has already given us another 20m which is probably in Cutlers Green dig. You  can comfortably transport a 5m roll of it and this will fit in  a kit bag.

It was a really exciting moment (for us diggers) when I put the hose pipe in the dam and a minute or two later Nick (OR) reports the water is flowing. Because of the vertical range we have got a reasonable pressure too.