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Another BBC Radio York interview


Following the chat that Tim Allen had with Radio York a while ago, they seemed keen to do more. The mid morning show presenter, Jonathan Cowap came over to chat to six of us in the North Yorkshire Moors about our work there over the past 10 years.

The interview was on 6 Feb but it's only went out today. We got a whole 17 minutes of air-time which was more than I expected. I did push to get him to promote the New to Caving website but unfortunately he didn't.

The broadcast was in three segments with songs between but you can hear the edited version here:



Well-known member
The interview went rather well and (as one of the six participants) I'm very happy indeed with the way Radio York have edited this together. It portrays a slightly different (and less glamorous) side of caving to Tim's interview a few weeks earlier, but nonetheless interesting.

Some slight confusion; I mentioned the CNCC to the interviewer but he seems to have interpreted this as being one of the clubs involved in the work.

The landowner actually drove past as the interview was going on and stopped to say a few words. He's been a tremendous supporter of our work over the past 12 years and has followed our discoveries with interest. Unfortunately, his contribution didn't make it into the final radio edit. This might be something to do with the interviewer asking him about all the molehills in the field where the cave is, and whether cavers might be able to help catch them from underground; to which the landowner suggested the moles would be much better dealt with using an atom bomb!!!