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Here is a reference to a German miner Augsburg and connected with the Tyrol. This book is about mediaeval mining in Wales, but he is more famously associated with the Lake District.




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Predecessor of today's railroad ...

Wooden tracks for the "spurnagelhunt" ...
here a double track station in an old quarry ....

(unfortunately no longer accessible)

DSC_0111.jpg by Lu Pics, auf Flickr


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AR said:
Another good photo, and it looks like British miners were not alone in their habit of leaving old shoes and clogs behind when they finished working a mine!

no  ;) .... here's another copy ... wooden sole / leather

(unfortunately no longer accessible)

DSC_0100.jpg by Lu Pics, auf Flickr


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I like this latest picture of 'steps' ? but do you think that it would be better if you cropped the out-of-focus light on the left-hand side (and maybe a bit off the right to balance it)?