Bad air / pollution / bad bolts / etc

Hi everyone.
While out walking the other day past BPOW I noticed that tree that the majority of people go down from into the open pot is an ash tree and it's not looking healthy. Not sure if people are aware ash trees are being attacked and dying off from ash dieback disease. Most ash trees in the dales have it now and are slowly and unfortunately dying.
I suspect at some point the tree at the open pot will start to drop branches and eventually fully go.

Also, I noticed the cliff face under the tree is starting to look loose and a couple of rocks have definitely come off in the last few months. ( not been for a while)
it's certainly worth keeping an eye on along with the tree.

stay safe out there people


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There is a national treasure on the climb into Butterfields Passage in County. Bolts look 40 years old and the rope lost a fight with a hungry goat.
Is it listed or something?


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Box head/Lost Johns - Cresta run

I got a report from a friend, which I have not checked myself warning of the following:

I was on a trip the other day from Its A Cracker to Lost Johns. At the start of what I think is the Cresta Run there is a climb down a tricky slot on a fixed handline. The point of this is that whilst going through the said slot from the Boxhead Its A Cracker side a large rock slice mud covered but big enough to hurt loosened and cracked off and is now perched over the rope and slot. It can be passed with care but if approaching from beneath it could be pulled into the slot blocking it and obviously injuring folk.


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Your friend was in touch with CNCC too..



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Short Drop Cave / Gavel Pot Traverse

The in situ rope in place to mark and assist the climb up to the beginning of the traverse at the Short Drop end is significantly abraded at the upper anchor to the point where the core is visible.

It's more safely accessed until it has been replaced from the Gavel end so you can rig your own rope down the climb.