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A couple of friends and I are interested in doing some caving. We have no experience and are in need of some advice. We're in the Newcastle region and would like to know if there are any caving clubs nearby. Or even details of a caving weekend for beginners somewhere not too far away.

Thanks for any help offered.  :)

Les W

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Newcastle university have a club, not sure if they accept "non university people " though.

YSS have regular beginners "try caving" meets. They are in the Yorkshire dales near Settle, but unless you have to walk I would say it's not too far.

Have you tried the Try Caving Web Site?.

Hope this helps.  (y)


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Les W said:
YSS have regular beginners "try caving" meets.

We certainly do. The next one os on 28th-29th March and you'd be very welcome. We'll provide equipment, expertise and hoepfully good company!

Contact Chris Tate and he'll add you to the list. Send him a message at yorksubsoc [at] and he'll sort you out.

Look forward to meeting you.


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Newcastle uni in the past haven't taken non-members but there are plenty of active cavers in the North East. Quite a few of us are also in the YSS. type newcastle uni caving club into google and find their website. Quite a few people drive down on a regular basis



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Hi there,

I'm the current Caving Officer for the University of Newcastle Caving Club.  With regards to taking non-students on trips, officially we can't really help you, as you would need to be insured by the university.  However there are a core of members in the Club who would probably be interested in helping you out, or at least pointing you in the right direction.  Are any of you currently university students, or possibly going to university soon?

One thing I could suggest is possibly coming along to the Strawberry on a Tuesday night, we're usually there sometime after 9pm and we could certainly answer any questions you might have about caving i.e. the how's and where's etc.