Well - a great trip all in all. even if I didnt make the bottom.

CSCA did a fantastic job with all the logistics (I think they are well practiced at it). Base camp was well equipped with mess tents and the like. Access control at the entrance was a permanant source of brews and a friendly faces. The cave was well rigged and camp 1 already stocked with sleeping bags roll mats, stoves, lots of ration pack food and even a radio for comms with the entrance.

All we needed to do was get to the bottom and back.

several teams had aready done this when unfortunately - the weather crapped out. Huge thunderstorms brewed each day - we managed to derig from just beyond the canals back to camp one. But to go any deeper would have been foolish given the forcast and Im sure the CSCA didnt want another trapped cavers incident. As it happens the forcast was inacurate and we could have safely got to the bottom but hindsight is a wonderfull thing.

Many thanks to all those involved in rigging, derigging, sherpaing and generally making the whole thing extremely enjoyable.
Photos to come.

right - who fancies going back for another crack.



I enjoyed the trip too. It was just bad luck for you guys with the weather, but definately not worth the risk. At least you know what to expect for next time!



Like Sam and Rhys, can I add my thanks to the CSCA for a superb trip to the Berger. Visited it back in the early 1990s (when I was younger and fitter) and great to see all the magnificant sights again.
Best regards to all who were there.