Budget Lamps for Group Use


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I need 4 or so new lamps for my work. We don't go caving that often and the Petzl Pixa's have gone walkabout's, so I'd like something that can be bolted to the helmet. We don't go caving very often, so whilst I don't want something that falls apart after the first trip, I also don't want to spend very much.

Has anyone used the various Chinese Miners Lamps that are available on ebay or got any other suggestions?


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Pete K said:
Save up for Pixa 2's Dunc, the 1's are like a candle by comparison.

Well it's not my money, but you know I do love lumens. ?20 more a lamp though over 4 is a hard sell when we're trying to get them to buy a lot of kit at the moment.

Fulk said:
The Fenix range is worth a look at.

I've got an HP12 for overground use and they are amazing, but they fail on that they can't be mounted to helmet easily and are very desirable to nick!

owd git said:
wouldn't hurt to look at " cap lamps.co.uk"  (y) owners are cavers themselves and good peeps.

Maybe I missed one, but they all seems a little out the price range.


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Ideally I want something really ugly that looks like an Oldhams/Speilo Tech job but with modern LEDs, but without having to do a conversion myself and are cheap as chips.

Yes I want the moon on a stick.


Would cable tying the light to the helmet be any good? It would stop them falling off or being nicked and would increase your choice of lamp.


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Hammy's right. My wife has an HP 12 that is fastened to her helmet with cable ties (it's an old helmet, and had holes in just the right places where previous lights had been fixed!).


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Another alternative, but not particularly cheap.



JoshW said:
if i'm not mistaken, can't you mount pixas to helmets?

You can mount it to a helmet, but if you're woried about them getting nicked, you might want to glue it onto the bracket as it can just unclip otherwise.  :-\