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Cave camping kit list


I've been packing for an upcoming cave camping trip today, and because I'm lazy tried searching the forum for a packing list in an attempt to avoid having to engage any brain cells. Alas I failed, so had to think about what I may need.

To spare a future caver from having to undergo the same trauma, here's what I've come up with. Please add suggestions if I've missed anything.

This is for a 1 night stay in a rather luxury camp (by cave camping standards). Items in blue were added in hindsight or are suggestions from commenters.

For caving, the usual:
- Oversuit
- Undersuit/clothes
- Belt/harness
- Footwear
- Knee pads
- Gloves

- Helmet and light
- Spare light and batteries
- Spare spare light (can double up as a camp light)
- Knife and whistle
- Bivy bag
- First aid kit
- Tackle
- Survey/route description

- Dinner (ready to eat or just add water)
- Breakfast (ready to eat or just add water)
- Lunch x2 (ready to eat)
- Hot drink (e.g. sachets, tea bags)
- Snacks (suitable for an oversuit pocket)
- Emergency food (excess snacks)
- Water

- Stove
- Fuel
- Cooking pot
- Lighter
- Cutlery
- Sleeping bag
- Sleeping bag liner (my sacrificial cave camping sleeping bag is cheap and cold)
- Roll matt
- Inflatable pillow
- Camp clothes (e.g. a full set of dry underclothes, socks, buff, gloves, warm layer)
- Camp shoes (e.g. flip-flops)
- Towel

- Toothbrush and toothpaste
- Earplugs
- Toilet roll
- Wag/biffy bags (if necessary)
- Rubbish bag

Festive extras:
- 2.5L of Chillian Merlot
- a few sachets of mulled wine spices
- a small container of dark muscovado sugar

Any other suggestions?
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I quite like taking bin bags to put my feet into and then into wellies for if I need to get up at some point once I'm changed (assuming wellies are wet), or even to just protect my socks from dirt for similar reasons.

I believe you've also forgotten a spoon/something to eat with.


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I've just packed the car for a weekend at the Dump, so things are fresh in my mind and my lists are in front of me.
  • Kneepads
  • gloves - today an 2nd pair of warm ones as well as my thin ones
  • towel
  • I pack a pillow, but a fleece in a stuff sack will suffice if travelling light


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Condensed milk. Nothing else required for a multi-day trip. Try not to let it get all over the rope or in your spare knickers. Packs small. You won’t need a sleeping bag for the first 40 hours or so. If you eat too much you’ll need to go for a poo, and that isn’t good.

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