Caving hut tierlists

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Also Devon... (Can add other pics but only to your own list, although I'm not sure what GDF's 5th and last pic are - unfortunately none are labelled)


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Belfry isn't a great hut to stay at. It's a great hut to visit for the night tho
That's partly because of people who turn up for the night, trash the place, then bugger off without even paying day (night?) fees...

It's got some of the best kit washing facilities (because you can wash your kit indoors out of the cold) and even a warm water rope washer! The drying room was also very good (although one of the fans has been broken for some time which reduces the effectiveness and you need the heating on for it to really be efficient these days).


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Might help slightly if they had names, but prob not far off. A noticeable omission is Ingleton’s caravan barrio, which I think should at least have an honourable mention.

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I'm not familiar with these things, but a casual glance suggests the TSG Chapel rules the world, and the rest are rubbish. Or is it the other way around?! But I'm happy with that order, if that's what it is ;)