Caving in Tunisia


Hi I'm of to Tunisia in a couple of weeks and if swmbo lets me should be able to take a light and helmet (will probable take one for her as-well, need someone to hold the flash guns). so I was wandering if anyone had any information on the caves in Tunisia if any preferrable in the Hammammet area 


PS I've herd all about the cave hotel used in the star wars film , it seems almost the only thing I can find when searching the net  :(


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Search for "speleo tunisie" and similar , they are french speakers....  ;) ;)  Here is a start for you:-




I did my PhD in Tunisia mapping the geology (limestone  ;)) on the country's most spectacular mountain (Djebel Zaghouan). This mountain is also supposedly home to the deepest cave in the country but despite walking over almost every inch of the hill I found very little sign of cave development. Lots of karst but few caves. There were however some spectacular Lead/zinc mines that you could explore. In my last few field seasons I was based in hammamet and drove in to the mountain daily so its well within the bounds of possibilty (especially as the roads were improving year on year). As someone above has said all the exploration has been done by French cavers so thats where you will have to look for more references.




Try contacting these guys

"Mohamed Khomsi (from Zaghouan, Tunisia)
age 30, Tech. Sup. en Maintenance

Tunisian prospective expedition member; prospection, exploration

club: Spéléoclub MJ de Zaghouan (Association Tunisienne de Spéléologie)"

Mohamed Kacem (from Zaghouan, Tunisia)
age 28, Tech. Sup. en Mécanique

Tunisian prospective expedition member; prospection, exploration

club: Spéléoclub MJ de Zaghouan (Association Tunisienne de Spéléologie)

Taken from this site (6 & 7 from the bottom)


From the same site (it appears that the Belgians are now quite active in the area and that there Are some major caves on Djebel Zaghouan after all!)

"This mid-January, the cave depth record for Tunesia has deepened by our belgo-tunesian expedition (Groupe Spéléo MJC Zaghouan: Mohamed Tiouiri, Mohamed Khomsi, Mohamed 'Dynamite' Kassem; Erik Ledegen, Dirk Verschueren and Erik Van den Broeck, SC Hades Aalst VVS).

After the 269m 'record' with the discovery of the Gouffre des 4 Fous (Djebel Zaghouan) which our previous belgo-tunesian expeditions 1&2 had already reached during 2000-2001, we have now pushed the high terminus in the Grotte de la Mine - Ghar Djebel Serdj (Oussletia, entry 950m asl), which has regained its position of Tunesia's deepest cave. Its new depth is now 305m with a potential of -600m.

Our exploration was halted in a gigantic bedding plane of about 38m wide... because of the lack of water, which we had to get over 200m down in a source giving us less than 10 litres per hour ! The heat of over 20 degrees was hindering the climb over huge boulders, while a safe traverse along the wall was carried out before climbing up into the new extension, with loads of pitches and chimneys still inexplored.
(to be continued)

Photos: T200201/02/03/04 and T2002EX7: our secret weapns from De Berghut Hamme (Petzl Duo Light + white LED's), Apple (PowerBook Titanium G4) and Honda (Power Tool EX7).
Art & Pics © 2002 / Erik Ledegen & Erik Van den Broeck

Report on a Tuniso-Belgian expedition to caves in the Tunesian extension of the Atlas mountains, djebel Zaghouan, with its -1000 metres depth potential, where the team discovered the deepest caves of Northern Africa.
This was the start of a close corporation between Flemish speleologists and the only active team of Tunesian cavers from Zaghouan. A story about technical perfection and stimulation of speleology on a national leisure basis for young people, prospection, exploration and conservation of this virgin karst area."