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It is the cumulative effect of a number of people being attacked recently over objectively trivial (or non-existent) issues. Disagreeing with a policy (or lack of one) is one thing, having a go at individuals is another. And even then you should have some sort of alternative suggestion, however useless and impractical. Saying when things are going well is a good thing to do. I believe I have stated that I think CNCC has scrubbed up in recent years for example, it is now pretty optimal. I try to consider things from the perspective of a young person with not much money, which is when we struggled a bit.

Nobody is getting paid, it’s not a job. If anything there is a shortage of people willing to do the boring stuff. I retired rather than go to another meeting in my life.

If you continue to have a perspective problem, then watching the Detectorists will hopefully set you straight.


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. And even then you should have some sort of alternative suggestion


This any good?


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I also think the notion that we shouldn't criticise a volunteer ridiculous. If they can't fulfil the roll, resign and let other people have a go.

Roll on elections this summer

It is entirely reasonable to criticise the work done by a volunteer, or their opinions on how things should or are done. It gets a lot more murky when you start criticising the volunteer themselves. A lot of volunteers are only doing the job because someone has to and they have been coerced into it. Certainly (for my one current committee position) I would be more than happy if someone started campaigning against me. I'd probably help them write their electioneering material about how terrible a job I was doing :p

Just always try not to be mean, which admittedly can sometimes be difficult (as can, sometimes, the volunteers themselves).

Simple rule for life: don't be an asshat (a good example is posting spelling corrections, which is clearly asshat behaviour).
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