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CNCC AGM 9th March in Hellifield


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[size=12pt]The CNCC AGM will be held on Saturday 9th March 2019 at Hellifield Village Institute at 10am. All are welcome.[/size]

As well as the usual business at an AGM (actions/minutes from last year, reports, elections of Officers and Committee for 2019 etc), we will also be discussing creating a CNCC Mission Statement which we believe will benefit us in our work with external organisations (e.g. other national organisations and bodies).

The CNCC is considering taking a proactive role in the BCA Vision group to try to help steer the BCA in the direction of modernisation. Some ideas are presented in the agenda, and we are keen to expand on these and would like to know whether they have the backing of northern cavers. We would love to hear the views of ALL northern cavers on these matters, not just our member clubs, so all ideas and thoughts are welcome.

Additionally, I'm sure there will be updates on how the new Online Booking System is working out on Ingleborough (and maybe even some positive news about future prospects for bringing Leck and/or Casterton Fell onboard).

It's also a good opportunity for Q&A with the CNCC Officers; tell us what more YOU think we should be doing for northern caving.

To give us your thoughts, either email me (CNCC Secretary, details on our website), PM here, or even better come along to the meeting in person. I think you will be surprised to find an extremely welcoming, positive and progressive atmosphere, a good chance to make new contacts, ample opportunity to put your ideas forward, and to develop a better understanding of the work that goes on behind-the-scenes to help improve northern caving.

Plus... we usually finish around lunch time. (12-1ish) so plenty of time to go caving afterwards  ;)

The agenda for the meeting can be found here: https://cncc.org.uk/meetings/ and Officer reports will be posted there usually around Monday/Tuesday immediately before the meeting.

Finally, we have received no applicants for the position of Training Officer this year so we would welcome any applications right up to and including the day of the meeting. Please get in touch with me to discuss what the role involves if you might be interested.

Matt Ewles
CNCC Secretary


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Hello all

Just bumping this up as a reminder.

Everyone is welcome to our meetings regardless of whether you are a club caver or not.

The agenda can be found on our meetings page (https://cncc.org.uk/meetings/) and from about 10pm tomorrow (Tuesday 5th) we expect to be publishing all Officer reports there too, which we hope you will find interesting reading.

Unsure if your club is a member? You can find a list here: https://cncc.org.uk/about/clubs.php

Member clubs; as per the email you should have received tonight to your CNCC contacts; don't forget your letter (or email) of authorisation to exchange for your voting card.

One matter that we would strongly encourage opinion on relates to some of the recent modifications to popular caves undertaken by individuals. This includes the steps in Kingsdale Master Cave (now removed by CNCC), the Upper Trident climb in Easegill (partially removed by persons unknown) and more recently the capping of a step into the Wretched Rabbit climb. What, if anything, should the CNCC do about such things? Removal of the KMC steps was firmly within our remit on conservation grounds (they were not made of stainless steel so would rust). The Upper Trident steps were stainless steel, so it is harder to justify us taking action against these. Do northern cavers want the CNCC to take a more proactive role in such matters (i.e. repairing such damage to caves)? Or should we be staying out of this? This is very much open to discussion and we would really like to hear opinions from as many northern cavers as possible. While this is not an agenda item, the highly topical nature of this justifies some time being given to a broad, open and friendly discussion with all contributions welcome.

Don't worry... We should still be done in time for some mid-afternoon caving  ;)


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CNCC said:
Do northern cavers want the CNCC to take a more proactive role in such matters (i.e. repairing such damage to caves)? Or should we be staying out of this?

I'm probably not going to make this one, but to me the role of CNCC is simple: facilitate the consensus (actually working out what the consensus is is probably the tricky bit...)
Having just seen the 'adaptations' to Wretched Rabbit, I can honestly say that I am horrified. It would seem the only explanation for such vandalism is that of convenience. The CNCC carries clout, and so calling out actions like this is the first step but maybe the problem is one of a lack of awareness about the importance of cave conservation? I'm not sure on how to physically prevent individuals from doing this or how practical it is to repair damage. Maybe some form of permission should be granted but then how would this be enforced? I think education may be the first step, though, as surely this is a product of ignorance?


This was clearly carried out by someone with access to an sds drill and experience in the use of hilti caps for splitting rock.

I think the idea that it was an innocent/ignorant action, that could be solved through education is somewhat naive.

Whoever did this new precisely what they were doing and what the reaction would be, yet they chose to do it anyway.

In my opinion, the CNCC would do well to attempt to repair this damage and send a clear message that vandalism for convenience is not acceptable to the vast majority of British cavers.


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PeteHall said:
Whoever did this new precisely what they were doing and what the reaction would be, yet they chose to do it anyway.

Oh I hope this isn't true, if it is how thoroughly depressing.  Whatever axes cavers may have to grind, please don't take it out on the caves themselves  :(


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Officer reports are now available to view on our meetings page... some interesting reading: https://cncc.org.uk/meetings/

Also the draft minutes of the last Committee meeting (19th January) are now also published in the same location, to ensure an up to date record of proceedings across the year ahead of the AGM for anyone wanting all the details.

Thanks for your thoughts above Re; cave modifications. Keep them coming or come along on Saturday and join the discussion.