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CNCC Statement on access issues at High Birkwith


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To all northern cavers;

Over the last few years we have been keeping you informed about the ever-evolving situation with respect to cave access around the High Birkwith area near Penyghent (including Calf Holes and the Red Moss Pot to Birkwith Cave system).

Following some recent unsuccessful efforts to restore consented access post-pandemic, the CNCC has issued a statement to summarise the situation and our suggestions moving forward. We recommend that anyone considering caving here in the foreseeable future should read this statement to be fully aware of the situation.

Statement link below:

Measures taken includes clear identification of the access requirements and challenges on a cave-by-cave basis, and an appeal to you, as a caver or caving club, to get in touch with the Yorkshire Dales National Park to express your concerns directly. We are pursuing other access initiatives in the area which will benefit from the National Parks receiving public pressure about losses of access such as this.

The access details on our website for all the major High Birkwith area caves has been updated to reflect our statement.

The route descriptions on our website for Old Ing Cave, Dismal Hill Cave, Birkwith Cave, Browgill Cave and Calf Holes have also been updated to help anyone visiting these caves to have a more enjoyable trip.

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