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Crackpot Cave Cleanup


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In January, the CNCC learned that Crackpot Cave in Swaledale was a little worse for wear due to decades of visitors from some less cave-conservation enlightened times. One of our Conservation volunteers, Rowan Worsman, took it upon herself to see something done about this.

On 30th March a team headed down Crackpot Cave to undertake this work and excellent progress was made (although a later return trip will be needed to finish the job).


You can read the full report by Rowan here: https://cncc.org.uk/news/20190416-crackpot-cave-cleanup

A big thank you to all the volunteers that give their time to conservation to keep our caves looking great and keeping access available for all.

"Who knows how many future novices will be enticed to take up caving from the restored beauty of this place?"