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Devon & Cornwall Underground Council


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Its possible of course, that some posting may be here just to wind people up, if so I predict an unmitigated success!


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Disgusted from Cornwall. said:
I've set up the Cornwall Underground Council Ltd and as from today all access to caves and mines must go through me. No-one is permitted to do anything without permission from me, or one of my authorised delegates. CUC has undertaken extensive liason with landowners and the Duchy and has now assumed responsibility for all sporting underground activities in the area. etc etc etc

You missed the bit about acquiring a stretch of coast from the Duchy for a peppercorn and the approach by a sustainable energy company regarding the tidal lagoon with you and your directors all riding about in new 4X4s.

fat pat

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Please bare in mind that Cornwall holds minority status and therefore any attempts that Devon make in telling us what to do will evoke American airstrikes on Exeter .
Obamas nan was from Redruth