Diver's Survey found in Prid


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A survey of the lake surface of Prid 2 has been found in the lake of Prid t'other day...
Got a survey on one side and notes on the other. All on that weird waterproofy/divery card stuff.

Just wondered if any one knows whos it may be??
And if they want it back.

We have it here in Exeter. So just PM me if anyone wants it back.



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I was in there Saturday 21st sept with Pete & Sally Glanvill for a dive - superbly assisted with the carry by Brian Johnson.

The survey isn't mine, but may belong to one of the Glanvills...

Incidentally My comment after the dive was along the lines of "that was stunning - similar to some of the big, clear continental sumps I've been in!" Well worth the long journey from Oooop North. Wish it was nearer the Dales!

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Not mine!  For the record though it may not be long before a detailed survey of Pridhamsleigh including Prid 2 above and below water will become available. for those who are new to the place, although the shot line is hefty, be aware that Andy Stuart has done some extensive lining and survey work in there so there is no longer just an H arrangement to the lines. There is now a line junction at the point where one ascends into Prid 2. At some point Andy and co. need to publish some detail. there is a useful slate at the start of the dive and the 6 metre safety stop in there is tagged clearly as well.