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Eldon hole ice


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Yep head height at least I was stood on the scaff bars with my feet level with the ground surface by the ladder last weekend and it was well over my head (I'm 6'2). It slopes back up a lot as well so at least 6-8ft in places maybe more. Felt like crossing a bergshrund to get out.


There yesterday and plenty of room to get on to the ladders. Snow is still about 2m deep.
Pull up string we installed is still working well, not showing too many signs of wear yet :)

John tapeworm

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Big chunk of ice in the bottom of Eldon hole at the moment, it would be interesting to see how late into the year it sticks around. I'd say it was probably 5 or 6m deep in parts. It's quite constricted around the ladder but definitely passable to the right.
The formations in the ice are pretty cool from dripping water.View attachment 15568View attachment 15566View attachment 15567
This is obviously stolen, I took these pictures four years ago. And it was alum not Eldon smh 😤


Pic taken at the bottom of Eldon Hole surface shaft, Sunday, 15 April 2023 (pic taken by Oliver Beard) see Peak CC FB page for more
Eldon Snow.jpg
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How do you explain the rock above the ice being exactly the same as that to the left of the rope in pwhole's photo then (& the two blobs centre right also showing on LarryFatcat's pic)


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The most exciting feature for me at the bottom of the shaft is this massive phreatic rift passage choked with sediment and rocks at the north end. It was was once coated with a 5cm skin of flowstone that someone, possibly miners, picked off. I'm surprised it's never been attempted before. Easy digging, easy out ;)





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OK, let's provisionally book it in then. I have no idea what work I have one week to the next, but you never know ;)


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In warm weather I'd expect the warm air to be descending the shaft, if there's any cave draught.
Convectional draughts tend to go from high entrances to low entrances in the warmer months.

(The opposite happens in the colder months, which is why canny cavers go looking for blowholes in the snow!)


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Well... It's cold down there so hard to estimate how fast the melt, but looked definitely smaller that the pictures of "Alum" 🤣 posted earlier, so dunno, gone in a month?? Oh . And pwhole's recommendation for the North end looks very interesting!!! Very interesting indeed.

The residents seemed very quiet.. didn't say a word, just blinked a bit