EuroSpeleo 2016 - sign up now to rig dales caves!


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The type of rope which is likely to be used by Eurospeleo should easily last the duration of the event in reasonable to good condition.  Eurospeleo is only 8-9 days long and I'm sure there will be some regulation of how many parties go down a cave on any one day so no cave should get an intolerable amount of traffic.  Also by following the standard topo guides and using the fixed bolts no reason why the rigging should not be good.

During exploration periods I have had caves like Ireby Fell Cavern and Lost Johns rigged for and year/18 months at least.  During that time I know our group have undertaken 50-80 trips on the same ropes.  Many other teams have taken advantage of this rigging too and most of the ropes were still serviceable after.  Therefore, perhaps with just a few exceptions, most of the Eurospeleo rope will be a very welcome reward for those rigging the caves.

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