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Even weasels can get stuck.....


Bit of a different callout yesterday
Derbyshire CRO were called to assist Edale MRT with a young person who was weaselling on Higgar Tor and had got their knee well and truly stuck.
Some team members headed to base to load the specialist engineering kit on to the team vehicle whilst others headed straight for Higgar Tor to assist.
A good number of people from both Mountain rescue and Cave rescue were there doing a variety of jobs - administering pain medication and reassurance, comms, supporting the casualty with slings. Two or three could fit in the small opening to get access to the trapped knee - this consisted of both mountain and cave rescue team members working very closely together (literally!)
A combination of hammering, chiselling, wriggling and pulling eventually saw the casualty free.
Once stretchered back to the road the casualty happily went on his way - none the worse for his experience.

Nice to get an opportunity to work with our colleagues in Mountain rescue and both teams happily blended together into one to get the job done.


One super team of Mountain and Cave rescue

On location just above where the weaseller was trapped



New member
Well done guys, with your combined efforts on a successful rescue!

As a coincidence, I am organising a Scramble & Weaseling event at Higger Tor tonight for my walking/leisure group! The guys & gals in the group, really enjoy it. Third time this year and very fortunately have had good weather each time and looking good for tonight. Makes a change from going caving and for Scrambles & Weaseling, Higger Tor really is a fantastic venue, with countless Scrambles & Weasels. Great fun! 

Must dash!
Cheers, Paul.


Weaselling is a term used to describe crawling, climbing and generally moving through gaps in rocks and boulders. There are other easy ways round but they are less fun and adventurous! There are several Peak district locations where it is popular - both with outdoor pursuits groups and adventurous walkers/ families.
A look at google images give you a good general idea of what is involved :)


What a fantastic idea, using dogs and nets to hunt human weaselers.

This would make an excellent inter-club competition event at Hidden Earth.......

Chocolate fireguard

Active member
blackshiver said:
What a fantastic idea, using dogs and nets to hunt human weaselers.

This would make an excellent inter-club competition event at Hidden Earth.......

Or an excellent alternative to foxhunting.

It might even be legal if a hunt member volunteered to be the quarry. I'm sure they would "enjoy the thrill of the chase" and eventually being ripped apart almost as much as the fox does.


New member
I don't want to sound like a stuck record, but please consider the wildlife when weasling, especially on Higgar where ring ouzels nest sometimes up til August. If you hear an alarm calling bird, consider moving away from the area you're in as you're likely to be too close to its nest. We have had birds abandon nests up there before. With this area being one of the last in the Peak to host this amazing species please help us protect them :)