I am seeking information on Heaning Wood Bone Cave.  Between the time of Eric Holland?s work in the1960s and the publication of Northern Caves in 1990 a top entrance was excavated which gave access to the original bone chamber but we don?t know who did that. 

In the 1990 edition of Northern Caves the contact is Mr. [Peter] Redshaw, who died some years ago and we cannot find any records of the work that we know he did in the cave.  The only update to the 2017 edition of Northern Caves is the removal of Peter?s name as the contact.

Does anybody know anything of Peter?s work or of anything published about it?  Does anyone know about anything about the opening of the top entrance prior to Peter?s work?  I?d also be interested in contacting any former FSG members or people who know of former FSG members.


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I'll send you a P.M. with some info.

(Please don't let this discourage others from responding as well though.)


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This blames Martin stables (whoever he is):

Keziah Warburton has been doing research on the bones:


Thanks for responses so far. I have been in touch with Martin Stables who has done a lot of work until recently on the cave under the supervision of UCLAN Department of Archaeology.

The only thing that remains a mystery is the work of Pete Redshaw in the 70s. I now know that it was Pete who opened up the top entrance but he doesn't appear to have left notes despite a lot of findings of bones now in the Dock Museum, Barrow in Furness.

Did anyone know Pete Redshaw?

Has anyone any stories about actually visiting the cave. Looking at the bottom entrance it's hard to see how Eric Holland and his pals even got in let alone dragged stuff out.