Hello from the USA


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Hello folks,

I'm 37, have been caving for about a year now, and am from Kentucky, USA, just a couple hours north of the famous Mammoth Cave System. Just recently joined our national organization (NSS) and will probably join a local grotto/club soon.

Anyways, I've been lurking for a little bit, and thought I may as well join and say hello. I know that this forum is heavily geared towards caving in the UK and Europe, but I'm certain there's lots to learn, for a newbie like myself. Especially on the gear, and preparation side of things. Hopefully you all don't mind me hanging around, and asking a few questions from time to time :)

I've done a hand full of wild cave trips in the past year, some of them fairly challenging. Registered for some vertical training, coming up very soon, so I'm excited about that. I'm really excited to get underground more, hopefully bringing my wife & kids along too.

While I can't offer much help or advice on caving in general yet, if you all have any questions about the USA or Kentucky caving, I'll try to oblige as best I can.