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I looked around a year back and concluded that the Ecrin was still about the only decent option for carrying any weight at all. The ones with foam are thin and hard to install cables in. Many are rather wobbly, and much worse with any weight on. I currently have 4 Ecrins, so that’s going to have to be it for ever I think.

If pushed it would have to be the Edelrid, which you can get in a nice purple I see, or possibly stealth black. Which is important. If you manage to wear out the cradle I imagine it might be time for a new helmet.


@Huge, I know this thread is a couple months old, and I'm a relative new caver, but I can add a little bit of experience with my Petzl Vertex helmets.

I originally bought mine for multi-use, between caving, and woodcutting/tree work. I don't do a lot of tree work, but I like to have head/face/ear protection when doing so. So that meant a helmet that could accept attachments, and the Vertex has a range of ear/face protection attachments that are easily attached or unattached. If that's even a remote possibility for you, I would consider the Vertex.

Yes, I could concede without actually measuring it, that it seems a little larger than other helmets. If you do a lot of tight squeezes, maybe a smaller helmet and light combo would be better.

Hoever, regarding weight with a large caving light, I think the Vertex supports weight very comfortably. I wear mine this time of year for my mowing business, with a mesh-screen visor on the front, my Fenix HM65 head lamp, and the 3M ear-muffs, very comfortably. I think the adjustable headband, and straps across the back of the head/neck really aid with comfort, and supporting weight.

This past weekend during a vertical/ropes class, one of the instructors wore safety glasses, and commented how he likes to wear them for eye protection. He's not wrong, and I frequently wear safety glasses for work. The Vertex also accepts a flip-up half-visor, for mounted eye protection. I question weather this would work well in a cave, especially during tighter crawls, but I think I might purchase and try one anyway just for kicks.

I might suggest the Vertex-ANSI? version I believe, that is without the side vents. Unless your head/scalp sweat while caving that is. I like the idea of the solid, unvented sides, to keep the head a little drier from falling water or splashes.

They're about $100USD here in the states, so very competitive with other helmets. I recently purchased a "used" (but still brand new in the box with plastic?) Vertex on eBay for around $55-60 after shipping.

BTW, my young daughter prefers a Petzl Borea (I think these come in a "small" and "large" size,) to the smaller kids Picchu helmet. No way I would consider a Boreo/Borea in comparison to the Vertex. Not unless you wanted a minimalist helmet for tight squeezes. Which I think would best be paired with a smaller headlamp as well. Almost silly to pair a small, lightweight helmet with a big, heavy duty headlamp...


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Whilst I find the old Ultralight really comfortable, I don't at all get on with the new one (don't own one, just have loads at work) - much depends on headshape
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Any recommendations for an XL helmet, please? Most only go up to 61-63cm, and whilst that will just about fit, there's no room for a buff.

(No, it's not for me, I'm dainty :) )

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Any recommendations for an XL helmet, please? Most only go up to 61-63cm, and whilst that will just about fit, there's no room for a buff.

(No, it's not for me, I'm dainty :) )
Try on a Black Diamond Half Dome (M/L). They are a slightly larger fitment range than most climbing helmets.


I have an inconveniently large head, and the Petzl Vertex Vent works well for me as long as I don't let my hair grow out...
I can second that. Bloody awful things, if you don't have a massive head!
I acquired one once and nearly binned it after the first trip (I actually sold it instead). Even at the smallest setting, it was wobbling around all over the place. Crawling through the bedding planes after 10 hours in Otter was the final straw!


A few years ago when my old helmet gave up, I went through a lot of helmets Petzl, EDELRID etc (now all given away). I could not get on with any of them. In the end, I tried a cheap SIMOND helmet from Decathlon, it is great. :)




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Thanks mark, I’ll see you again soon! thank you for the info on the winching session in early 80s, I’ll look that up in the library, great to briefly catch up.


I'm late to the party on this thread but I have a big head and a lot of hair and I'm nowhere near the max adjustment of my helmet which is a Grivel Salamander. The one thing I will say is that the strap at the rear does slip over the course of the day if you have a heavy lamp on the front, but a couple of stitches will solve that