Help producing a “New to caving”promotion poster

Ian P

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Would anybody more talented than me (not a high bar !!) be able to produce a nice A4 size poster to help promote the CNCC “new to caving” initiative. (I am planning on putting them up at GG and other suitable locations)

I have had a go but something more “professional” would be really appreciated.

Our amazing PR and IT department would be more than capable, but I am really keen to take some workload off them.

There is a gallery of photos available on the CNCC website that we are free to use. (I couldn’t download the zip file so the pictures on my effort are a bit blurry)

Photos :

Thank you



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Kind of on this note, I always thought it would be cool to have a little plaque outside of the most travelled near caves directing towards the regional councils website or the new to caving website, maybe with a little QR code.

And on an another similar yet tangential note, maybe a plaque/sign saying cavers in the below cave please don’t throw rocks you numpties. A short while back was belaying down the churns and heard some big loud booms, and someone in the group reported having seen heads just over the wall at the top around the same time.