Hidden Earth 2017


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I saw this in Inglesport cafe at the weekend.

If someone in the Hidden Earth marketing department would like to get in touch and send me a jpeg of this poster I'll use it to help promote the annual cavers' event  - would look a tad more professional than a photo of a poster  :)  Please send me any other info too, website for HE2017 etc Thank you  (y) ;)


We will be offering prizes at Hidden Earth:

Thank you Buff and thank you Fenix  (y)

More prizes to be announced soon  ;)



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What time do things kick off on Saturday, please? I need to buy a ticket on the door.


JohnMCooper said:
Parking is bad!

Saturday doors open 9am, start 9.45, First lecture 10am.

All this info second hand so may be wrong!

Argh. I was going to tell him parking is no problem. He'll now be banging on my door at some god forsaken hour to get there early.  :cry:

The Old Ruminator

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Apart from a considerable social caving fear I have an awful phobia about parking. This is unfortunately very true. I get all het up before I am even at a venue and If parking looks difficult I am apt to turn around and go home again. I shall have to see how I am on the morning.

Ali M

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According to Les - they are aiming for the opening ceremony at 9.45am and the first lecture at 10.15am.