Hidden Earth 2023 - We're Back!

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Satellite view shows quite a few parking spaces scattered around the school site, although not many are occupied & then there are their playing fields (& flower show field) on other side of B3124
Has not helped my paranoia re that. If I can get Pete Rose to drive he has a disabled parking card. Perhaps there will be signs on the route in.

Nothing obvious on the map.

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We're thrilled to announce the return of Hidden Earth for 2023!

We know it's been a while, and getting the event back on after Covid and a host of other problems has been a challenge but it's finally happening again this September. The location Gordano School in Bristol on the 15th to17th September 2023 and we hope this will mark the start of a regular annual conference again.

We have a shiny new website which is still being updated with the latest info so keep an eye on that for updates - https://hidden.earth

Lecture submissions are very welcome and will be available to submit online very soon.

More details to follow soon! Save the date!
Whats the cost this year?

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Everything is vague to me now.
LOL. Martin's always been vague, even then. His expression about something being "vaguely familiar" is a life-long quote, frequently resorted to as a vague homage to people who forget very important unforgettable things, like pitches, dangerous free-climbs, and route finding junctions of massive importance.