Hidden Earth 2018 - lectures, films and workshops


We're starting to get some interesting looking lectures, films and workshops in and they are being added to the website as they get confirmed.

Take a look at https://hidden.earth/lectures where you can read the abstracts.  8)

Have you been up to anything interesting? Made a film or could provide a workshop?
Submit it on-line now! Due to the problems with the venue, time is shorter this year so please get your submissions in as soon as you can. :)


Adventures in Tennessee by Dr Rostam Namaghi.

At the last hidden earth, Paul and I were cosying up to Adam Spillane trying to get on the Vietnam expeditions. Fortunately we were at the bar and so could drink away our sorrows when we were duly rejected. Over these sad pints I mentioned I was going on one of my Tennessee adventures (and recounting how much I've discovered with extremely little effort) and if I was bringing someone along with me we could have a go at a project. This was only the beginning of the madness.

Over the course of the hour we will cover everything from some very big finds, to kayaking underground, to tourist trips, to whisky, to caving in a 1970s neon orange wetsuit and a little bonus about Rostam's ill fated post expedition weekend in Vegas.

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Caver Keith said:
An Evening With Caver Keith will take place on Sunday morning.
That should cure my hangover  [emoji28]

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