Hidden Earth 2023 drink containment unit

To whom it may concern.

I was very happy to discover the Hidden Earth 2023 drink containment unit I gained upon entry to HE.

However there appears to be on inherent fault with it. Theres a very large hole in it.

Each time I placed my cup down there would be less and less liquid contained within it.

I can not explain how the liquid vanished, it was there when i filled it up.

It is therefore not particularly good at containing liquid.


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It's not possible to reduce the effect of diminishing fluid levels in the reservoir and therefore the only solution is regular service intervals. The recommendation is regular checks and immediate remedial action taken as soon as the level has dropped to a point at which lubrication and re-hydration is no longer effective. I feel this issue was significantly more pronounced this year due to the reduced movement of stock fluids despite the record number of vessels issued.


I'm afraid I was part of the problem @Maj

I had one drink on Friday night, but had to drive home, so that was my lot. I couldn't stay Saturday night either, so when my container ran dry, it remained dry...